Times are tough. We're tougher, together.

Times are tough. We're tougher, together.

By Jack + Mulligan


JACK + MULLIGAN wants to be part of the solution, not the problem. That’s why we acted early to produce essential non-medical grade masks for healthcare workers and the general public. Helping to keep domestic factories open and national healthcare facilities running, we are partnering with organizations both big and small to help reach our goal of donating 10,000 masks.

A portion of our current proceeds from all online mask sales are being donated to the CDC Foundation’s Emergency Response Fund, an organization that’s working diligently to provide medical supplies and support to vulnerable communities affected by the Coronavirus. We’re also working with organizations locally in New York like the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, to donate masks that we produce.

JACK + MULLIGAN is approaching this new product category with the same core values that we have always held in high regard. Beginning with quality, purpose, and utility, our masks are designed to provide a sustainable choice in this new market. Washable and ethically made in the United States, they are produced with each wear in mind. 

We hope that with this contribution, we are able to help alleviate stress being placed on our healthcare system by preventing further spread of the virus and increasing the supply of masks for the medical professionals that desperately need them. It feels a bit strange to go about daily life with a mask on- speaking to friends, buying groceries, riding the subway. Although the masks may be a physical barrier between each other, the act of wearing one is a small step that we can all take, together, to better our communities. 

We want to express our deepest gratitude to all of the people that are assisting us in this project- from our talented and dedicated factory workers to our fulfillment partners, delivery drivers and especially, our customers. By making this small sacrifice together we will make a difference. Times are tough indeed, but we are tougher, together.