About Us


Jack + Mulligan was born in New York City with the simple premise that a product should be made with a sense of permanence, gaining beauty and character with the passing of time. We strive to offer the highest quality goods imaginable for the best possible value. Our goal is to make products that forge an emotional connection with their owner. Our bags are made with passion, but truly come to life with use.  


Using only the finest materials and best factories we make goods that are meant to last a lifetime. We select materials such as leather and canvas that build a rich patina and gain character as time passes. With considerable attention paid to detail- from the design and construction of our bags to the hardware and finishing touches- everything is held to the highest standard. The result is a product that will only get better with use.


Our commitment to making the best products possible and to our customers is unwavering. Should you ever have issues with your bag due to manufacturing defects, simply send it back to us and we'll fix it free of charge.